Swimming Pool Leak Detection Training

02-swimming pool leak detection trainingWe are the premier swimming pool leak detection training facility in the world. Our new Olympic-sized commercial swimming pool presents all the challenges to learn pool leak detection.

Training is one on one with totally hands-on, in-the-swimming-pool, real-life experience! We recommend that you have previous experience of some type for this advanced training program.

It's hard to find the information needed to understand the technical knowledge needed to find pool leaks. Also, choosing the right equipment for leak detection can be a complicated task. Many months can be spent researching the purchase of equipment by surfing the Internet only to be confused about what works. Come learn with us using a combination of equipment and practical skills that will help you succeed in pool leak detection.

02-swimming pool leak detection trainingBasic strategies needed to find leaks are presented in real time in the swimming pool. You will go through the entire process for finding leaks and learn several approaches and every step from start to finish. This includes how to start the leak-detection process, where and how to hook up equipment for pressurizing pool systems, the us eof acoustic listening devices, how to pinpoint the leak and problem solving.

How swimming pools are plumbed and the mechanical operation of the pool are part of the training. Knowing how the pool equipment works in a real pool equipment room helps dramatically when locating leaks.

This is an enjoyable class that answers all your questions.

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