Underground Slab Leak Detection Training

slab-leak-detection-trainingUnderground slab leak detection training is becoming a popular way to add income to your present business. Plumbers, renovation companies and anyone starting a new leak detection business can benefit from the specialized training offer by Precision Utility Locating.

Training is all hands on! We address the issues of what types of equipment to buy and how to use that equipment in the field under real working conditions. Answering all your questions and problem solving during the training session is our focus and will go far in making you successful. Leak detection is a difficult business and learning how to attack the same problem several different ways will give you confidence in finding hidden slab leaks.

18-slab-leak-detection-trainingThere is a real process in finding this type of leak. Just listening for sound in pipes will not produce consistent results. This class will present the skilled knowledge needed to find underground slab leaks.

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